Houserules Red Rabbit

Welcome to Red Rabbit

We think it's important to make good arrangements with our guests. We are convinced that they contribute to the open and pleasant atmosphere of our apartment.

The rental ends automatically at the end of the agreed period.

Departure and arrival times are flexible.  Check-in is possible from 15h.  On the day of arrival we would like to receive a text message or phone call with the estimated time of arrival.  At that moment the handing over of the key can be discussed. After the stay you will be asked to leave at 10 am

On the day of departure we expect our house to be vacated at the indicated time and left undamaged, tidy and broom clean. The kitchen and its entire inventory must be left clean and tidy, the dishwasher must be emptied. (Pay particular attention to pots and pans, food and drink equipment, oven and hobs.) Heating is switched off before departure.

The final cleaning costs € 65 on top of the rental price.  If you do the cleaning yourself, you don't have to pay this fee.  This includes: bringing all waste sorted out into the designated area, cleaning sanitary facilities, collecting bed linen and putting it in the shower, vacuuming downstairs and upstairs and mop-ups. 

Pollutants that go beyond the final cleaning are not in accordance with the agreement and are therefore charged extra (such as caked dirt on floors, furniture, tables, dirty mattresses, etc.). 

On departure, the key will be left on the outside door of the apartment.

If we find things after you leave, we'll keep them for you for a reasonable period of time. Of course we only take care of the guests' expenses.

Damage If you discover any damage or deficiency on arrival in the apartment, please notify us immediately. If damage or shortcomings occur during your stay, please report them to us as soon as possible. Possible actions can then be taken immediately so that the consequences, possible consequential damage and nuisance remain minimal (both for you and the next guests). It is also certainly not said that any damage caused will always be recovered from you, it can also be normal wear and tear. Follow-up damage or inconvenience for the next tenant caused by not or not timely reporting a -albeit or not caused by you as tenant- damage, can also reasonably be recovered from you.

Subletting or re-letting is expressly prohibited.

Staying by more persons than agreed on the reservation is expressly not allowed without our permission and can lead to our premature termination of the rental agreement. 

Moving beds, seats, tables and chairs or taking any inventory outside - except of course for your meal outside - is explicitly not allowed without our permission. Chairs, tables and chairs can be arranged in the house according to your wishes. We do ask for extra attention to prevent damage and expect that the furniture will be restored to its original state at the end of the rental period.

Pets: we do not allow pets in our apartment.

No smoking in the apartments. Make use of the terraces.

Landlord's liability: the landlord cannot be held liable for theft, accidents or damage, which occurred during the stay on his property, except when it is the result of a gross negligence, which he can be held responsible. In case of cancellation due to force majeure such as war, strikes, natural disasters, extraordinary weather conditions, death of the owner, etc., the landlord can dissolve the contract without compensation. If, through no fault of the landlord, the contract is terminated, the tenant is entitled to an equivalent or better alternative or the reimbursement of the part of the rent already paid.

Obvious errors and mistakes in a publication do not bind the landlord.

The landlord has the right to check and inspect the apartment during the rental period.

Termination of rental. If the tenant, his family members, his guests or visitors admitted by him do not or do not properly comply with the obligations of the conditions, the rules of conduct, the instructions of the landlord or the government regulations, despite any prior warning, respectively comply with and this to such an extent, that according to the standards of reasonableness and fairness the lessor cannot be expected to continue the rental, the lessor or his appointed observer has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and to deny the lessee and co-tenants access to the property, without restitution of the rental charges. This includes, in particular, not respecting the night's rest or causing unnecessary nuisance.